Dog rescue help needed in Nilai (Help on the way) (Joanne Lim’s)

Update on 22nd Oct 2014, at 10.25am:

Joanne Lim 10:25am Oct 22
Rescuer is on the way now.
so rescue help not needed for now.

If you are able to help, please contact Joanne directly.

Joanne Lim 9:30pm Oct 21
My fren saw this injured dog (1 front paw open wound fracture) in Nilai town new KFC area since yday n has been feeding it. They tried to get help fr vet nearby but failed to. My fren dare not n has no experience in stray dog rescue. Could u pls help to post n see if any1 in Nilai can help? exact location pls call 0133800038. Thx

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