Ginger and his many bite wounds

After spending weeks nursing Ginger’s balding patch (finally resorting to antibiotics and steroids), it stopped spreading and fur started to grow back. I was so, so relieved.

Then, right after that, Ginger came back one morning with five new bite wounds…. *sigh*

I cleaned the wounds with hibiscrub and applied iodine on them.

mini-PA290562 mini-PA290564 mini-PA290566

They didn’t look like puncture wounds.

And luckily he was still on antibiotics so that provided some protection against any secondary infection.


Fur growing back on that stubborn balding patch.


I wonder if it’s due to over-grooming by Daffodil.

mini-PB010574 mini-PB010575

Could it be?

mini-PB010576 mini-PA290570

 We’ll never know, but in any case, Ginger is fine now and the wounds have all healed.

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