Luck is adopted in Kangar! (a sharing by Nujtiya Chan)

Here’s a lovely story from Nujtiya Chan to start off our day:

Hi Dr Chan,

I have received your subsidy RM150.

Thank you so much for your help on neutering subsidy to the strays.

Recently we got another female dog (spayed) has been adopted by a kind family at Kampong Cina, Perlis (near to our Taman) in Aug ’14. Attached photo of hers.

Before this, she lived with my mum for about 2 years and my mum named her “Luck”. She is qute, friendly and obedient. Every morning, “Luck” would stay at my mum’s house but every midnight she would just disappear. She slipped to her 2nd home – Kampong Cina.

My mum told me that the family used to come to our house couple of times in a week just to peep on “Luck” .. Until one day, my mum talked to them and they said they like her so much! So, at last my mum decided to let them adopt “Luck”.. Maybe this is what we call fate  Of course, my mum feel sad to see her leaving, but at least now we know she got a new family who willing to take care of her.

In Oct ’14, I visited “Luck” together with my mum and I feel relieved as I can see how much the family love her, they hug her like a kid… I really hope that this family will love her forever.



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