Vaccination subsidies for 3 cats (Marina Mustapha’s)

We have subsidised RM75 for these 3 vaccinations.

Pinky & Coco Puff’s 1st vaccinations:

From: Marina M 
Date: Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 12:26 AM
Subject: Re: RM25 Re: Injured stray cat-Mia
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,

Good evening.

Pinky Puff & Coco Puff due for their 2nd vaccination so I took them to the vet last Sunday.

Finally, Bree (Mia’s 3rd kitten) was able to get her 1st vaccination. But she received nebulizer treatment for her on off nose block that day too.

Can I claim subsidy for their vaccinations?

Will post out original receipts tomorrow.

Attached collage of their recent pictures & vaccination stickers.

Thank you


Marina Mustapha

mini-PicMonkey Collage-COCO 2ND VACC mini-PicMonkey Collage-PINKY 2ND VACC mini-PicMonkey Collage-BREE

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