When giving out information about our subsidies

Lately, we’ve had many, many new applicants, some of whom have been recommended by another animal organisation to apply for our subsidies. While we appreciate the fact that individual caregivers are being directed to us to apply for our subsidies, we hope very much that anyone or any party that is directing these individuals to us will either give accurate information about what is required or just give these applicants our email contact so that we can liaise directly with these new applicants and explain our procedures to them.

When inaccurate information is given by any party about us, it leads to much disappointment and misunderstandings between us and the new applicants and we are left with the task of having to correct misconceptions and do damage control.

For example, we’ve had new applicants posting a receipt to us with a bank account number expecting us to reimburse them. There is no form and no photos. Sometimes, there is an email address or a phone number and I would have to contact the applicant to explain our procedures but this is only if the applicant checks his/her email or picks up the phone. Once contacted, the applicants would usually say that so-and-so assured them that we would reimburse them if they just sent us a receipt. So, why aren’t we paying? That’s when we say we need at least the post-op photos and they have to fill up our form (we understand they won’t have pre-op photos and that’s okay for such cases). Then they say, “But nobody told us this. They said you’ll pay.”

Of course the easiest thing for us to do would be to simply reject the application if documentation and photos are incomplete. But the bottom line is, we are here to help and it is not really the fault of these new applicants that so-and-so had given them wrong information about us. They post the receipt, full of hope of receiving a subsidy and for us to quash that hope by rejecting their incomplete application would not do animal welfare any good.

So, we have to fill in the gaps and do damage control, which isn’t a pleasant task at all.

Many of the claims that you see reported on this blog, you may not know how much behind-the-scenes work and explanations (and damage control) we’ve had to do in order to get everything in place so that the subsidy can be paid out. Even tracking down the applicants sometimes take days.

I shall spare you other nitty gritty details as you can well imagine what kinds of other problems we’ve had to deal with.

So, here’s an appeal to whoever who wants to recommend our subsidies to any new applicant. If you wish to give out information, please do so accurately. If not, please just give them our contact email and let us liaise directly with them.

Accurate information: www.myanimalcare.org/subsidy/

Emal contact: chankahyein@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your kind cooperation and understanding.

please and thank you



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