Blankets by donation

Recently, our reader, Yuen Foon, ordered two blankets from us. One is for a cat-loving colleague who is going on retirement and another is for a newborn baby boy.

Here’s what we made for the cat-lover:


The Hello Kitty set is contributed by Agnes Cheong while the heart motif is contributed by Ng Chen Chen.

They all match beautifully.


The sewn panels.




Sewing them up.


The border is done in the heart motifs.

For the baby boy, another baby horses, in the Year of the Horse! The baby horses cloth is contributed by Ms Ooi.

My mum sewed the backing for both blankets, blue for the Hello Kitty and light green for the baby blanket.

67b baby blue horsey YF

 Cute little horses for the baby boy!

We thank Yuen Foon very much for her generous contribution to our Fund.

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