Life’s little reminders

Tomorrow I will get my platelet count checked again and hopefully, it will be on the way up back to normal. I see this encounter with dengue fever not so much as a wake-up call to take it easier and slower in life, but more of a “confirmation” of a feeling I’ve had for many months now. I have not been in good health for sometime now and the daily managing and running of AnimalCare have truly taken its toll on me. Besides the blogposts that you see, many other activities go on behind the scenes. There is the daily emailing, responding to requests, compilation of documents and photographs, writing of reports, accounting, stock-checking of merchandising, etc. The list is endless.

The work is 24/7 as evidenced this time when I requested a few days’ off to rest, but the requests just keep coming. The moment I got home, some applicants were already asking if they could already send in their claims. I can postpone the payment, but that would be creating a backlog for myself, which is worse.

The work does not stop and will not stop.

But dear applicants, it is important that you do not rely totally on AnimalCare for your subsidies. AnimalCare is run by just one person and it will come a time soon when I have to retire and take a rest. It would be prudent for you to seek out other alternative financial help or be more independent. I truly hope you will do that for yourself and your animals.


10 comments to Life’s little reminders

  • Joy E. Saga

    Reality – people can be heartless. Those people claiming i see are almost all regulars. Surely they can wait a week or two. I hope they have a heart and give you respite. Yes, life needs to go on, but complacency breeds a lot of bad things. Please give Dr. Chan time-off to get well again. Put yourself in her shoes! I don’t think you can even do half the things she does. And YES! I am reprimanding.

    Give her a break. Please!

    • Norely Abd Rahman

      Agreed and thanks for reprimanding. And just to clarify even though I am one of the regulars that Dr. Chan just paid, I sent my application before I knew she had dengue. Mailed mine on Monday and Dr. Chan updated her dengue on Wednesday. And I also did tell Dr. Chan despite the fact that I just sent another stray for neutering, I will not claim from MyAnimalCare as I do want her to rest.

      • Joy E. Saga

        Hi Norely! Thanks for being considerate! I’m just sad that some people are so pushy. Dr. Chan is such a saint. I would have given them a tongue lashing they will never forget >.<

  • chankahyein

    Thank you, Joy. In all fairness, there are a few applicants who have been very considerate and have decided not to send in their claims for now. But there are also those who keep sending me whatsapp photos of their animals asking for subsidies despite my telling them that I am sick and need time to recover. There are also those who insist on sending in their claims because of the 2-week deadline. It made me realise that it doesn’t matter what I say or what condition I am in. As long as AnimalCare exists, people expect the service to be there 24/7.

  • Kelly

    I wish you well and happy in whatever you do or don’t do. 🙂

  • Koo

    Dr Chan, it could be high time for you to seriously consider taking a sabbatical, at least for the subsidy work. I suggest to set a deadline to stop taking donations to allow applicants, especially the regulars, to source for other funding avenues. Once, the fund depletes completely, you should take a much-needed holiday (someone else can take care of the cats!) in addition to a long break to rest, contemplate, see how things go, re-evaluate. After that, you can decide whether you want to restart, change course or do something else to revive your passion to do good and make a difference. Right now, you’re definitely burning both ends of the candle and you’re burning yourself out so something’s gotta give.

    • chankahyein

      Hi Koo, Thanks for your thoughts. I was actually thinking of exactly the same thing – to stop taking in donations and let the fund run itself until it is depleted. Six years of providing subsidies is as much as I can do, given my health condition. It is time to retire from running this 24/7 service. I’m glad you also feel it’s time to take a rest!

  • Kawanz law

    K.I.S.S (keep it small and simple) and do everything within our means
    Embrace simplicity and travel light in life
    Let’s go fly a Kite!
    Let go of our views,
    Let go of our greed,
    Let’s go fly a kite, folks,
    And send it soaring …!

    Let’s go fly a Kite and give a rest to Dr.Chan

  • Yoke Mei

    Do what you need to do Kah Yein and strike a balance in life. Rest and recharge. Clear your mind and gather your thoughts on the future plans. You’re an educator, you can maybe move your focus over to educating and creating awareness instead. Not everyone can teach or have the patience to teach. I do strongly believe education is key…. 🙂 Take care…

  • ying fong

    Hi Dr Chan,

    Sorry to hear about your health problem…..and thanks a lot for yr help in helping all stray cats n dogs.

    Have not follow yr cats stories for quite a long time…as i m busy taking care of a group of fostering also burned out.
    Would love 🙂 to read about yr cats storys…….IF & WHEN u hv the time to upload to yr blog….whenu r more relax 🙂

    Take care n hope that u wl get well soon 🙂

    Ying fong