Thank you very much for your moral support

Updates: We are not closing the Fund. AnimalCare is back on track to serve the animals!

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Dear Friends,

It’s been quite a “roller-coaster” ride for me since I fell ill some months back. I was seriously contemplating closing the Fund as my poor health condition made it difficult for me to continue running the Fund as it was. Then, I contracted dengue fever and everything just came to a head and closing the Fund seemed the most sensible option.

We are definitely closing the Fund since we have stopped all cash donations, but we haven’t quite decided when to do it and that is why we have not announced any cut-off date for the subsidy claims.

Over the past few days, friends have been extremely supportive of our decision to close the Fund so that I can take a long-needed rest. Thank you very much for your moral support and encouragement. I am deeply touched.

However, a few friends have also suggested that perhaps I could take a rest first and maybe think of a way of running AnimalCare at a much slower pace, taking breaks as and when I feel the need to do so.  This is so that we do not have to close the Fund and dissolve the society so soon, but rather, gradually use up the remaining funds until all are depleted. But if this were to happen, I’d have to run it at a much slower pace.  There is also a suggestion to suspend the Fund for a few months until I regain my health.

I am thankful for all these suggestions and I know that whatever decision we make, we will have your fullest support.

So, until further announcements, AnimalCare continues for now but please allow me a longer time to process your claims. It would help tremendously too if you could please ensure your photos and forms are complete.

Meanwhile, thank you very much for helping us with clearing our merchandise. We have sold off all soap and toothpaste. Agnes and Ms Ooi have given their consent for the sewn blankets to be given to supporters. We only have the tshirts left now.


4 comments to Thank you very much for your moral support

  • Pooi ling

    Dr chan, sometimes it’s best to take a breather and rethink again.
    Continuing will eventually breaks you down so I support you 100%.
    Take care. I am so gonna miss the auction though. Hopefully we can still read about indy, cow and the patio cats. Their stories are always delightful and interesting.

  • linda

    Hi Dr. Chan, you have helped many dogs, cats and their rescuers throughout these years. Now you have to conserve your strength as your health is of the utmost importance. Whatever you decide, will support you. Maybe you could keep the blog open and let us know what’s happening with your furry kids now and then. Take care and Happy New Year 2015

  • CW Lee

    Dr. Chan, nothing is more important than our health & if Animalcare have to call-it-a-day eventually, we will understand. We truly hope you could still keep your blog open and share with us on those heartwarming pet stories (I m still hoping that Timmy & Willy will turn up at your doorstep one day) Take care n have a good 2015 new year

  • Wine Dogs TB EE TT CC

    You and your family have done so much for all, we will support you in your decision, health and happiness. Wishing you all the best for 2015 and onwards!