Neutering sponsorship for Shambok, male cat (Siti Hajar Aisyah bt Zainal Abidin’s)

We have fully sponsored RM80 for the neutering of Shambok.

From: Hajar Lurve
Date: Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 12:17 AM
To: “” <>

Hi.Im Hajar from Kuantan. I got the information about the medical fund from animal care and i’m really glad to hear it. Before this, i didnt sent my cat for castration is because i think it is safe for my pet and its not necessary. But after a few moments,i learnt many things from the animal activist and i realized that i have to neuter my cat for its own sake.
So to begin my story,i’ve attached you one of my cat which is Shambok,a male stray cat that my brother has brought about last July 2013.He found Shambok and thought that this cat has a special ability that without thinking twice,he decided on giving Shambok a new,comfy life.
Shambok has now become an adult that always search for his territory and as a result,he marked many areas in my house and this really irritating me.
He also has went mating few times with outdoor female cats,that many kittens has born and died tragically.I felt so guilty for not controlling the population of cats and made a desicion to neuter my cat.
Ive gone to the clinic and neutered my cat at rm80.
I feel so relieved now.
Hajar Shambok 6 Jan


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