Taking one small step at a time…

Although we had made the announcement on 23rd December 2014 that we will not be needing cash donations to our Fund (there were plans to eventually close the Fund at that time), not everyone follows our blog and some may have missed out on that announcement.  Hence, we are still getting a few cash donations, some banked in anonymously too. In view of this, these cash donations will be used immediately to pay the ongoing neutering subsidies. It has always been our policy to use up the month’s donations as far as possible and keep the reserves for rainy days.

We thank you for your trust, support and patience.

My doctor has been telling me to think positive and believe that I can get well. So yes, I am doing that and looking forward to the day where I can declare with confidence that AnimalCare will continue.

Meanwhile, there has been an enquiry about our blankets and since we have a few more to go (done during my crazy sewing spree last year!), we will be putting one for auction today. The funds will go immediately to help the animals since our neutering subsidies is ongoing.

Fifteen of our blankets have been given away as tokens of appreciation to those have silently helped us in cash and kind throughout the years. We thank Agnes and Ms Ooi for agreeing to this.

One blanket coming up next…

One small step to reviving AnimalCare…




3 comments to Taking one small step at a time…

  • Chen

    Take all the time you need! Let us know if you need any help from us.

  • jasmine ong

    Please let me know if I can be of any help, anything at all. Take care.

  • chankahyein

    Thank you very much, Chen and Jasmine. I just need a bit of time to recover and my doctor has advised that I take things slow and easy and not do too much as my illness has the danger of relapsing. Slowly and not too much, that’s all. Thank you for your support and concern.