Another little step…(tshirts)

We would like to thank all our supporters for immediately responding to our call to help us clear our tshirt stock when we had plans to eventually close our Fund in December 2014. That’s when we reduced the price of the tshirt to RM20 (closing down sales).

But now, we are making small steps to revive AnimalCare and we hope we can get a little bit more proceeds from the sales of tshirts to top up our Fund.

So, no more “closing down sales”!

Here’s another small step to reviving AnimalCare…

The price of tshirts will go back to RM25, as before, so that the extra proceeds can be a small step towards restarting our Fund!

Tshirts Jan 2015 To order:

We totally understand that you’ve already bought the tshirts when we asked for your help earlier on, this is for new buyers, new supporters and future events, if any.

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