Heidi was kidnapped this morning!!

But she is back home safely now. Phew!

It was 6.45am and it was still dark. I was feeding Bunny & Friends in the pantry while my husband was feeding the PatioCats but Heidi was missing.

Heidi does not miss a meal.

So, my husband went over to the playground to look for her.

He walked all the way to the pavilion and started calling for Heidi. At the pavilion, he saw a tabby walking towards him. In the dark, the tabby looked very much like Heidi.

The tabby approached confidently and rubbed herself/himself all over my husband’s leg.

It was then that my husband realised he’d been fooled!

This wasn’t Heidi!!

It was……..Mr Zurik!!!!

Mr Zurik normally runs helter-skelter at the very sight, sound and scent of my husband, but the cunning Russian thought he’d try his luck and impersonate Heidi! After all, it’s dark, right? Humans have very inferior eyesight and they have zero sense of smell…Ha!!

My husband shoo-ed the conniving Russian and kept calling for Heidi.

Soon, from behind the concrete slab, Heidi (yes, it was really Heidi this time) walked out slowly. Her fur was all fluffed up. Mr Zurik must have intimidated her and held her hostage.

“I’m holding you hostage until your humans feed me! Ha ha ha….!!!”, the cunning one must have said.

You see, Mr Zurik has been coming to the patio at meal times and creating havoc. He would chase Rosie off and the poor girl would be too scared to come home. One night, Mr Zurik crawled in through the window and chased the whole Bird (Daffodil’s) family out of the house. They had to spend the night in the porch while Mr Zurik confidently slept on our sofa.

It’s not that we don’t want to feed him, but the moment we do, this is what he does. And when Mr Zurik comes, Vincent gets very upset and starts marking his territory, even inside the house.

So no, Mr Zurik. You have to go home. Please don’t come and disturb our peace.

But back to Heidi’s kidnapping story now…so my husband rescued Heidi from the evil clutches of the Russian and brought her back home.


Safely back home and having her breakfast.


Mr Zurik kidnapped you, Heidi?? Oh my….


Brave girl!!


I’m scared…He’s a nasty cat.

We later went for a walk in the park and Heidi came with us. As we were making our rounds, we saw Mr Zurik coming to the park and stalking Heidi. But this time, Heidi stood her ground and did not budge. Nevertheless, we didn’t take any chances and approached the bully. Mr Zurik ran for his life the moment he saw my husband!

You see….he runs at the very sight of my husband and yet this morning, he confidently came and rubbed himself all over his leg. The Russian’s plan was to impersonate Heidi! And he thought his plan would work. Well, it almost did!

Mr Zurik is a clever, resilient and an extremely strong-willed cat. One would of course not expect anything less from a KGB-trained cat. Whenever my husband is at work, I cannot get Mr Zurik to go home as he is not afraid of me. I have used the water spray on him and he just sits and lets me spray his body until it’s all wet. He just wouldn’t budge.

How do you solve a problem like Mr Zurik??


Heidi back from the walk and relaxing at the patio with us.

All is well now..

Or is it?


Out in the front garden, we see Igor and Otto, the Russian’s teammates doing their reconnaissance for Mr Zurik.

“Reporting back to you, Boss. The man is still around, don’t come yet, I repeat, don’t come yet!”

He’ll be back…that’s for sure.

So, how do you solve a problem like Mr Zurik? My husband says perhaps the only way is to unleash Indy, since Cow is on “medical leave” now. Maybe Indy can frighten him away with his crazy war cries.

The last time, Cow and Indy had a very loud and terrifying war-crying fight at the Stargate, Mr Zurik ran for his life and disappeared totally for 2 weeks.

But I don’t think I want to risk getting cats into a fight. It isn’t worth it.

mini-P1170653 (2)

Aren’t you girls glad you are safe from Mr Zurik?

mini-P1170655 (2)

I am!!  I am!!

mini-P1170654 (2)

Indy: What’s this I hear? Are my services needed? WHO is the target?? What’s my assignment?

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  • yingfong

    Hi Dr Chan,

    Love love… yr stories about yr catsssss, funny n interesting…hehe.:-)

    P.s hope u & cow r feeling better.

    Ying fong

  • Jane

    So much fun reading your stories about your family… I see similar problems with our neighbour hood cats… They really want to plant the self here. My daughter says they see our house as a cat palace with lots of treasure so while they insist on coming in… Our cats insist on running free… ofc I don’t think your cats want to leave their palace…

  • Connie

    Hahaha…very cute

  • jasmine ong

    Hahaha…hehe…. thank you for the chuckles 🙂