We’re back on track with our neutering subsidies!

In the past few weeks, for every subsidy paid to regular applicants, I had written a personal request to them to please give me a few weeks’ break to recuperate before they send it their next applications. I thank you very much for your kind consideration.

The initial (bad) news that we are closing down has spread like wildfire and it’s time to put it right.

AnimalCare is NOT closing.

And we are now happy to announce that our neutering subsidies are available again to all applicants.

we are back

We’ve never been away; we just took a little rest.

But we are back on track now. So, if you have a street animal to neuter, please don’t delay. Get it done. If you need a subsidy, you may apply from us.

Our neutering subsidies remain as before: http://myanimalcare.org/subsidy/

In preparing our annual report for 2014, we are happy to announce that with the closure of our medical treatment subsidies last year, the number of animals whose neutering were subsidised by us increased by a whopping 54% from 2013 to 2014! This means, by focusing on neutering, we managed to help so many more animals get this basic and essential medical procedure done.  As such, we have decided to focus on neutering only this year. It’s back to basics and back to our core mission when we first started – CNRM.

We are no longer giving out vaccination subsidies. Now, it’s purely neutering subsidies only.

So dear applicants, we are back on track to serve you now!

And for well-wishers who would like to support our work, we are also open for cash donations again. Thank you!

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  • Uncle Pluto, Missy, Lady, Angel, Alvin , Lulu, Austin, Ben, Wendy, Ronaldo, Oscar & Molly

    Woof woof!! meow meow!!!

  • Joyce

    Thank YOu, and glad that you are feeling better.

    Take care


  • Yen Ling

    thumbs up! I hope all is well. Cheers.

  • Joy E. Saga

    God bless you Dr. Chan!

  • taufik

    hi..i would like to know about the neutering subsidy..
    is it only applicable for KL resident only?
    i live at taiping, perak..

  • Chen

    I was looking at your subsidy page again and noticed that you do not mention that the funds come from private donors and not from the government. This is important because most Malaysians think of subsidy as something that they are entitled from the government and tries to squeeze as much from it. I suggest that you highlight this also to give thanks to all the generous people who have donated. Maybe you could also consider using another term like “private subsidy.”