Spaying sponsorship for 4 cats in Ipoh (Nur Syafawati bt Hamzah’s)

We have fully sponsored RM320 for the spaying of Mummy, Jamek, Puteh and Baby.

From: syuffa hamzah 
Date: Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 3:51 PM
Subject: Neutering Subsidy Application: nur syafawati hamzah
To: “” <>

Hye and a very good day,
I just sent 4 cats neutered  recently and would like to apply for the subsidy.
Thank you for consideration and have a nice day.
Jamek(white-grey patch) is a stray rescued at kl, adopted since up until now. Mummy (white-orange patch), Puteh(white) and Baby(3 coloured) is cared since baby. Their mother is stray that we’ve adopted. After this, our family will continue to take care for them. We neuter them because batches of babies before had trouble surviving (Mummy’s) and  for them to have a better, healthier life in future.
mini-mummygrid mini-jamekgrid mini-putehgrid mini-babygrid
From top: Mummy, Jamek, Puteh and Baby.

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