Spaying sponsorship for Abel & Baby, female cats (Suhana bt Zohani’s)

We have fully sponsored RM180 for the spaying of Abel & Baby.

From: orichizuka666
Date: Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 2:03 AM
Subject: Spay Subsidy

Hi Doc Chan,
I am Suhana from Puchong.
I hv 4 adult cats..2 of them already spayed and neutered. I saw you offering a subsidy for strays. I am followed the process which was pos express to you the original receipt and filled up form yesterday.
Photo of 2 cats i attached were rescued a several months ago, last year..
Abel – i found her nearby my house in Puchong, when she about 4mths i guess.. the whole body especially her face affected thick ringworms. I brought to vet twice to get her jab. Luckily she recovered within a month.
She never deliver/having baby. I decided to bring her to spay once she showed the symptom of on heat last week.
Baby – I found her when she was little.. about 2mths young.
She seems lost, play alone at the UTC Sentul elevator. I was worried she get stuck at the elevator and decided to bring her home. Delivered 3kittens once, when she was too young for having a baby. She deliver when she was 4mths+. Having a baby with my 2nd rescued cat. He was on his way to get fixed but i hv no idea when they hv been together. Luckily the kittens already adopted from 2 diff person. And since last week, she started to on heat again.
The pictures of them both at the attached files.
P/s Sorry.its hard to snap Abel’s picture. She’s too fierce.
Thank you in advance Doc.
baby abel

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