Breakfast at the pantry


Breakfast at the pantry, as usual.


I need more food, please…

Whenever Bunny eats too much in the morning, he ends up vomiting everything out, so he’s on a strict diet every morning. This also means, he gets kibble snacks throughout the day, and when Bunny gets, everyone gets too. Oh well…


But of course, he cannot wait, so he tries to politely asks for food from the “easy cats”, namely, Tabs.

If I’m not around, Tabs would run. So, I have to monitor breakfast from beginning to the end.


We felt sorry for Cow when he was undergoing the 3-week treatment and let him eat a bit more than usual. But now that he has recovered, he starts on his diet too. He is obese and desperately needs to lose some weight.


Indy is going for fresh water again.


Finally, some scraps. Very little, but Bunny’s happy.


Here’s Pole’s secret to her svelte figure. It’s Hara Hachi Bu – eat until you are 80% full, then stop.


Best of friends, and our Royal Guards.

During the final week of Cow’s 3-week treatment, I suspect he was feeling much better and his eye probably did not hurt as much anymore. And why? Because he had started bullying Tiger, Tabs and Bunny already, even with the e-collar on.

You cannot change a cat’s personality, can you?

As a precaution, we have got Indy’s and Bunny’s nails trimmed before we remove Cow’s e-collar. We should trim Cow’s nails too. We wouldn’t want another incident….definitely not! The vet likened the pain of an eye ulcer to having one’s chunk of skin and flesh scraped off. That’s very painful for anyone to bear. No more, please.

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