Joyful Polka (No. 71) goes to…

Since there were no bidders for this blanket, we opened it to anyone who might be interested. Koo has offered RM333 for it retrospectively. Thank you very much, Koo!

I also wrongly labelled it as No. 72. It should be No. 71!

71 Koo RM333

We are extremely touched by Koo’s thoughtful and very kind gesture:

From: Ttdi Koo 
Date: Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 7:14 PM
Subject: Blanket no 71
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Hi Dr Chan,

I just cash deposited RM340 because the cash deposit machine don’t accept RM1 or RM5 notes but no change is required but please do still post my bid as RM333 because the number signifies rebirth to me and it’s close to CNY so I’m celebrating the ‘rebirth’ of AnimalCare. 🙂

Best regards,

AnimalCare is so fortunate that though we are small, we have such great friends. Friends who help and support us when we are down and who celebrate and rejoice with us when times are good. Thank you so much!

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