Bunny’s small meals

As you know, Bunny has an eating problem in that he cannot take big meals or he would vomit. So he is entitled to small meals throughout the day. The problem with this is that, when he has his small meals, everyone knows about it (you cannot beat a cat’s sense of smell or hearing) and the rest of them would demand for food as well.


Here’s Bunny taking a one of his many small meals.


But he wants more.

I remember the vet saying you should not put me on a diet anymore as he said I have a waist now. Remember? 

Yes, Bunny, I remember…

But if I put another scoop of kibbles out for you, the rest will hear the sound and come back for more.

How about you just open the container for me and I’ll eat quietly by myself, huh? You don’t want me getting gastric pains and all that, right? 

Trust a cat to think of everything, right?


Okay, Bunny, okay…shh now. As quietly as you can, please.


Chomp, chomp…he he.


And how about some for my sister, please? She’s not fat, as you can see…

And if she can have some, I don’t mind a few more kibbles too…

mini-P1300667So yes, Bunny has many small meals a day, and yes, he does still have a waist, so he’s okay.

In any case, what choice do I have? Can you say “no” to that face?

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