Mr Z, the master of camouflage

You would expect nothing less from a KGB-trained cat…


Can you spot Mr Zurik?


Here he is!

This is Daffodil’s table, but since Mr Zurik is on good terms with her, he sometimes shares the table with her. And Daffodil doesn’t mind (or maybe she has no choice!).


Mr Zurik comes for his meals daily. But he has to eat in the porch because Rosie runs away from him. If he misses his meal, he will “stalk” me at the playground by trotting pitifully after me. After two rounds of pitiful trotting, you have no choice but to feed him.

It works.


He gets Monge kibbles.

He has tried to wrestle Monge canned food from the rest, that’s the other reason he has to eat in the porch. The more you give him, the braver he gets and the more frightened Rosie gets.


Vincent eats the leftovers, if any.


 This is the only way to ensure that Rosie is safe from the much-dreaded Mr Z.

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