Two stories from the patio


The small black and white cat came visiting again. This time, she came right out to the ledge on the patio. Ginger went up to meet her.


As always, Ginger would like to be friends.

Meanwhile, it was after dinner. Mr Zurik had already eaten and drunk water, but he refused to leave. It was also time for Bunny to come out for his romp in the garden. So we decided to let Bunny come out and see what happens.


It took sometime for Bunny to spot Mr Zurik, but when he did, Bunny let out his famous war cry, gave chase and Mr Zurik fled.

We know Bunny doesn’t bite. He only lets out the titanic screams.


The war cry broke up the conversation between Ginger and the visiting cat too and the cat retreated towards the back.


Mr Zurik went out of the gate, but he didn’t go far.


Cow and Tiger watched from the Stargate.


Vincent kept an eye on the visiting cat.


Oh, my new friend is going away?

Later, Bunny spotted Vincent and he also let out his war cry. Vincent fled and escaped onto the neighbour’s roof. Ginger went after Vincent, probably to “help”.


Our warrior cat


But the visitor stayed on the ledge. She needs a name. We’ll call her Cookie.


She seems determined.

Looks like we will be seeing more of Cookie in the days to come.

Meanwhile, it didn’t take long for Mr Zurik to come back to the patio. But Vincent and Ginger are still on the roof. Looks like Bunny’s war cries targeted the wrong cat!

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