Tampered receipts and incomplete forms will not be accepted

Lately, we have received tampered receipts from applicants.

It ranges from (1) adding details to the name because a nickname (or partial name) was written by the vet (we require full names on the receipt and it has to be the same as the bank account holder’s name), (2) cancelling someone else’s name and writing the applicant’s name over it (without the vet’s initial or clinic stamp), (3) using liquid paper to blank out someone else’s name and writing the applicant’s name over it,  (4) changing the date (because it has passed the deadline), (5) adding details to the procedures done, etc.

Please be informed that we reject all tampered receipts. 

Assuming that the applicant is unaware that tampering with receipts is a crime (attempted fraud), we will inform the applicant not to do it the next time. But if it is done again, we will blacklist the applicant because we cannot condone this crime.

Should there be any detail which is “missing” from the receipt, kindly request the vet to issue a note with all the “missing details” and this note has to bear the vet’s signature and the clinic stamp. Please submit this note together with the receipt. If the clinic chooses to make alterations or write additional information onto the receipt, please request that the vet signs and stamps it.

Please do not ask the receptionist to issue a second receipt for the same procedure unless the first receipt is destroyed by the vet and the vet issues a note to explain why a second receipt is issued.

There are proper ways to go about this and there is always a need to respect an official document.

If your form is incomplete, we will ask for a resubmission.

If details are incomplete on your form (such as missing bank, wrong bank account number, missing name, not dated, etc.), please do not ask me to fill it up for you. The form is a signed document (signed by you) and is official. I, similarly, cannot tamper with your signed document. You would have have to resubmit if you wish to claim and we will destroy your first (incomplete) form.

All our documents are audited; so we ask for your cooperation in respecting the legality of the documents that you submit to us.

If your photos are incomplete, we will ask for a resubmission. 

We require:
(a) a photo before neutering (showing face and body)
(b) photos after neutering (showing surgical wound, showing face and body in awakened state)

However, for all resubmissions, the deadline still holds.

Thank you.

P.S. To make things easier for everyone, just please use your legal name in all official documents and treat all official documents as you would a piece of cheque! And please, please, please ensure everything is in order before submitting (photos, receipt and form).

3 comments to Tampered receipts and incomplete forms will not be accepted

  • pcleong

    my word …. what people won’t do for $$$$

    shame on you!!!

  • Maneki Neko

    Good grief, people. Cheating an NGO that’s offering to help with the expense of neutering stray animals? How low can you sink? I agree with you, PCLeong — for shame!

  • chankahyein

    The thing is, very rarely we encounter those who do so to cheat. More often than not, it’s done purely out of ignorance and non-awareness. They don’t even know that it is wrong to tamper with a receipt or any official document, isn’t this sad? That is why we give a warning first, before blacklisting.