Heidi got stuck in a tree!

Heidi followed on my evening walk just now and we encountered quite an emergency situation.

These photos of the tree were taken after Heidi was safely on ground again.

It all started when Heidi decided she’d do her usual impressive stunt of running at lightning speed and climbing up a tree. She just loves doing this at the playground. Before this, she was already running across the playground happily to catch up with me at various spots.

So, she ran as fast as she could and the momentum carried her up this tree. But this wasn’t Heidi’s usual tree. It was a much taller one.


And Heidi landed on this branch (marked by the red arrow). Luckily I was nearby, so I quickly went to see if she was alright. Heidi already knew she was unable to come down easily as she looked very worried and started mewing.


I tried to guide her to a branch which could be pulled down, but she was scared to try as the branch was rather thin. The leaves were rather thick too. Heidi started mewing pitifully and this really broke my heart. She was asking me to help. I could only kept reassuring her that everything would be alright, somehow.


A walker passed by and I asked if he could climb the tree to help Heidi down, but he said he couldn’t climb it.

Heidi finally tried walking onto the branch I held down, but she turned back as she was scared.

Many minutes passed and I was left with the choice of either calling Bomba or lugging our ladder from the house to the tree. So I told Heidi to wait for me and I started back towards the house, still wondering how I could lug the heavy ladder to the tree. It was too long to fit into the car.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of dry leaves crushing and there, behind me, came Heidi, running at her famous, impressive lightning speed!

Heidi had come down all by herself and she looked rather angry too. I think she must have thought I had abandoned her. But I think she was very thirsty as her tongue hung out and she was panting.


We’re back safely back home now. Phew!


And where were you just now, Mr Zurik? We could have used your KGB expertise, you know.


I think Ginger was watching the whole episode from the gate.


Rosie was being…Rosie.


Vincent was not aware of what had happened.


We cats can climb, you know. 

No need to worry…

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