The Buns has taken over the editor’s chair

Poor Tabs….Bunny Bun Buns has taken over her special place at the editor’s chair as well as my lap!

mini-P2100699 mini-P2100701

That’s 6.15kg (last weighed) of Bunny on my lap and I would let him be until I get pins and needles, then I have to move him over to the spare chair, if no cat is on it, that is!


Sometimes, it’s hard to move him…


I’m the new editor now.


 The consolation is that Tabs can still sit on the other chair if Bunny sits on my lap.


mini-P2120698 (2)

Sobs, that’s MY chair…


Oh well…never mind. 

I will count my blessings instead of making complaints…
I am thankful I get to lie on this mat. Yay!!

Attagirl, Tabs! That’s the way to happiness!

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