Why Cookie comes daily

We did wonder why Cookie is so persistent in coming every day (sometimes several times a day) and trying to get in.

Here’s probably why…


Cookie: Hey there!! Good morning!! Are you the one they call Indy, leader of the Brotherhood of Indies? You must be the one! I want to join your brotherhood, please. Can I, please, please please?


I’m black and white, see? I qualify, right? 


Indy: No, you don’t have a mask. The Brotherhood is only for masked cats. 

Cookie: But I’m black and white? And I can climb! Why, I almost climbed in that day, remember? If not for that meddling human, I would have climbed right in, jumped on your clothes line, onto the wooden shelf and landed on your grass. Give me another chance? Any assignment? I’m really good! I belong with the Brotherhood. Please, please, please?


Believe me, Cookie. Much as I would like a friend, you don’t want to come in. 


Cookie: Please, Brother Indy? Please? What do I have to do? Hop on one leg on this ledge? Do a somersault? Bring food for you? Anything at all. You name it and consider it done, okay? Please? 

Indy: No. For starters, you talk too much. 

The story may continue, folks….Cookie isn’t giving up yet.

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