A CNY gift for the cats!

What gifts do you give cats for Chinese New Year, apart from delicious and nutritious food?

Well, our inside cats LOVE serai, especially Tabs, so we decided to give them two pots of serai (lemongrass)!


The Royal Guards immediately went to check them out.


Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay!


Meanwhile, I’m replanting some vegetables.

Chen Chen gave me this plant two years ago and I’ve replanted them many times since!


We’re also planning to make a long sandpit beside the wall here for the cats as a toilet.

We’ve got the sand, but haven’t dug the pit. We thought we’d try out to see if they use the sand.


Tabs simply LOVE serai, but she was scared of the Royal Guards, so she decided to help me instead.


Here’s my replanted vegetables.

Grow well, little plants!

mini-P2140720 mini-P2140721

Ooh…yummy yum yums!

7 comments to A CNY gift for the cats!

  • Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

    Waauuu! Hi Dr Chan, your serai plants look soooo yummy-ngiao! Mama planted us a pot too but it doesn’t look as good as yours!

  • Chen

    Nice nice serai. And I’m glad to see the veggies still growing.

  • chankahyein

    Hi Oreo, Is your serai still alive? Our cats tend to “kill” the poor plant after awhile and we need new ones.
    Yes Chen Chen, from that one little plant you gave me, we have spread it to SO many over the two years!

    • Chen

      It is a perfect veggie to grow in an urban garden, in my opinion. 😀 Good that its has been spread around. Thanks.

    • Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

      Yes, Dr Chan. The serai is still alive-ngiao. I’m making sure that I don’t kill it. I just love to chew on the leaves, like how papa chews his chewing gum. Hazel doesn’t chew it much-ngiao. She much prefers the grass that mama planted for her.

  • Chen

    Oh! After the cats have killed the serai, instead of throwing away the leaves, you can cut them up into small pieces. Put them into a wok with some rock salt and heat up. Put the heated serai-salt into an old pillowcase (extra if too hot). Use that as a hot pack over bruises, sprains, aches or “windy” parts. When its get too cool, re-heat again and re-use. 😀
    This method was shared to me by a woman who works in a monastery. Every time she’s got body pains, she will put this hot pack on. She swears by it!

    Have I given you the “black face general” plant? In Cantonese, people call it “hak mien cheong kuan.” In Malay, its pecah beling. I have a small plant in my garden waiting for an adopter. If planted into the ground, it grows into a bushy scrub about the size of a human. If in pot – size depends on pot but needs lots of watering.