Spring cleaning Bunny’s Place and other tales

We are really glad that the cats love their new serai pots and have been doing their own “juicing” of the leaves daily.

And the sandpit is put to full use by the boy-cats. It was meant to be their toilet, anyway, since only the girls would use the litter box. So, that’s working well too. After Chinese New Year, we will dig the sandpit and turn it into a proper toilet for the boy-cats. Tabs and Cleo were seen using it too, but not Pole.

Yesterday, we cleaned off the rust from Pole’s condo. Now, this rust is all due to the spraying by Bunny and Indy, and they especially like to target poor Tiger when he sleeps on the floor of the condo, on his favourite Monge cardboards. So, the lower part of the cage is all rusted beyond redemption. However, the top part of the condo (where Pole sleeps) is still as good as new, so it’s surely a waste to throw away the condo.

Waste not, want not. We should optimise the use of everything and reduce our trash as much as we can.


Cleaning off the rust from the lower part of the condo.


Not as good as new, but good enough since we always put the Monge cardboards to line the floor of the condo for Tiger.

We are hoping someone will take that first floor since Pole always sleeps on the second floor and the penthouse.


The second floor is not for rental. It’s also mine.

Oh, okay…

Nobody dares to spray on Pole, of course. It’s clear-cut bullying, isn’t it?


I sewed a new bedsheet for Cleo. She monopolises this bench.


Tiger is SO happy and relaxed whenever he gets to come out. You’ll never see him sleeping this like inside Bunny’s Place.


This evening, I was doing some gardening, planting Butter Daisies (Melampodium Paludosum or “Million Gold”) in our flower beds. Mr Zurik decided he would help. Vincent and Ginger also came to look.

Immediately after that, Mr Zurik took the upper hand (“Beri betis, hendak paha”), followed me into the house and when I went to take a bath upstairs and came out, there he was, in our bedroom, waiting for me, like a loyal cat.

Well, our rules had always been this: As long as you behave and live in the peace with the PatioCats, you are welcome. But if you spray urine, out you go to the patio and garden. If you bully the others, you go out of the house compound.

So, I let him be and he even ate with the rest of the PatioCats (minus Vincent and Rosie) in the kitchen.

But no sooner after that, he fought with Vincent outside in the porch. I had to go out to stop the fight and rescue Vincent.

So, out, out, out, Mr Zurik. You’ll get your breakfast tomorrow morning, but please….no more coming in.

Now, I’m still looking for Rosie. She’s probably hiding somewhere.


We did this little rock garden for ourselves for Chinese New Year.

We are certainly doing more for the cats!



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