Recycling makes the world go round

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Go green. Please donate to recycle. It helps other humans, it helps the environment and the animals too!

SOMEWHERE in Kenya, there could be a girl heading for work wearing that red Zara blouse which you got for yourself two Chinese New Years ago. And one guy could be wearing that pair of Levi’s which could no longer accommodate your husband’s growing girth. Yes, all your unwanted attire, plus the worn-out Nike, stained bedsheet, outmoded belt and pre-loved handbag which you have dutifully dropped into the recycling bin, could well end up in someone’s closet in some remote part of the world.


But first, they might have piled up at the Brackwell Malaysia factory in Port Klang, Selangor. This company is in the business of recycling used apparel and household textiles. Every day, huge amounts of used clothes are discarded in Malaysia and some of these would certainly end up in a recycling facility such as Brackwell’s, located in the Bandar Sultan Suleiman industrial area.

The facility sprawls over 5,400sqm (60,000sq ft) yet there is barely room to walk in as amidst the huge bundles are metal containers with more stuff – everything from dresses to children’s t-shirts, shirts, blouses, shorts, coats, sweaters, jeans, baseball caps, bedsheets, curtains, shoes, handbags, belts and soft toys.

It sure resembles a graveyard for humanity’s discards and excesses. But this is hardly the place where old clothes go to die. Rather, this is where they get a second lease on life. The used clothing and textiles are resold, turned into industrial cleaning cloths or processed for fibre. Every day, some 25 tonnes of the reusable waste arrive at the Brackwell factory, says managing director Chris Hughes. They originate mostly from Australian charities, and smaller amounts come from local donations, Japan and the United States.

Even single shoes are put to good use. There are communities in the world that are grateful for these mismatched shoes.

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Recycling saves the earth and its inhabitants. Things that we have no need for can still benefit others and make the world go round before they end up in landfills. Let’s do our part!

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