When Zurik met Cow

Was it explosive?

This happened a few days ago…

Mr Zurik appeared to be taunting the Inside Cats at his side of Stargate and Cow was on his side.

My husband decided to let Cow out.

Cow came out, walked slowly toward Mr Zurik and let out his famous terrifying war cry, right into the latter’s face.

It was a warning cry first.


Mr Zurik apparently took a few steps back and backed away…slowly.


Maybe the KGB-trained cat knew running would only antagonise Cow and make Cow chase him.

So, slowly does it…

And for the rest of that day, Cow was in a mighty bad mood and picked on poor Bunny.

While Mr Zurik thought he had “won” and kept coming into the house.


 я выиграю!!


Rosie is still afraid of him.

mini-P2180716 mini-P2180719

 And he tried to rob the food arsenal.

Last night, he was inside the house and everyone else had to go to the porch. Well, everyone, except Heidi. She’s brave enough to stand up to him.

Mr Zurik, can you come peacefully?

быть мирным?

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