Two more blankets!

We had an unexpected donation through our blankets during the Chinese New Year break! It wasn’t through an auction but more of I-visit-I-see-I-like-I-donate-and-take-home-two-blankets!

These two blankets received a donation of RM300 from one of our supporters.


Violet Bunnies 2
(The violet bunny cloth is donated by Agnes Cheong.)

mini-P9260470Giraffes 2
(The giraffe cloth is donated by Ms Ooi.)

We thank everyone who has contributed to these two blankets!
Another RM300 into our kitty and we can help two dogs or three cats!

If you’d like to donate any amount to our Fund and take a blanket home, please write to me and I will email the photos of the blankets we have.


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