Avant Pet products are back (by donation)

Also, due to popular demand, we have brought back Avant Pet products (by donation).

Below are the most popular products among our readers. If you would like their other products, please write to chankahyein@gmail.com to enquire. Due to delivery logistics, we can only accept orders amounting to a donation of RM500 or higher, and only to certain areas in the Klang Valley.

Details: www.myanimalcare.org/gifts/

Monge canned catfood (RM80 per box of 24 cans, by donation)


Flavours: Tuna w Chicken, Seafood w Chicken, Atlantic Tuna, Tuna w Chicken n Beef, Tuna w Salmon, Chicken, Chicken w Squid, Chicken w Omelette & White Bait

LeChat canned catfood (RM65 per box of 24 cans, by donation)


Flavours: Tuna w Chicken, Tuna Hairball, Tuna w Shirasu (Anchovies), Tuna w Salmon, Tuna w Kanikama (Crab), Tuna w Shrimp

Monge canned dogfood (RM105 per box of 32 cans, by donation)

Monge Dog

Flavours: Tuna;  Turkey;  Lamb;  Beef;  Chicken & Vege;  Cod;  Salmon

Primal Freeze-Dried for dogs and cats (RM108 per 14oz pack, by donation)


 Monge kibbles for cats (RM35 per 1.5kg bag, by donation)

monge kibbles for cats

Flavours: Adult, Indoor, Hairball, Kitten
(Indoor and Hairball are hot favourites, according to the cats themselves!)

We thank Avant Pet Sdn Bhd very much for these products and for helping us with transportation too.

2 comments to Avant Pet products are back (by donation)

  • Anita Chen

    Hi Kah Yien,

    Hope you are well.

    I would like to get 2 cartons of Le Chat (1 x tuna n chicken, 1 x tuna n shrimp) and a bag of Primal Formula Feline Chicken and Salmon. Please advise if you prefer me to transfer in advance or to pay when I collect the items from you.

    • chankahyein

      Hi Anita, I’m so sorry, but we can only do orders amounting to RM500 or more because we can only arrange for delivery for this amount or more. Maybe you could collect orders from friends and total it up to a minimum of RM500?