Now, who’s been trampling on the dianthuses? (and other Z-stories)

My pretty “pinks” (the dianthuses) had been trampled on for a few nights in a row, resulting in two plants on the brink of death. I’m trying desperately to save them.

Who has been trampling on them?

Finally, last night, I think I identified the culprit.


No, it’s not Ginger. This photo was taken in the afternoon.

Last night, I saw Daffodil at the trays. I think (though I have no photo-proof) she loves flowers and she has been sleeping on the two plants! Well, maybe not sleeping on them, maybe just playing with the flowers.


Oops…but you named me after a flower, didn’t you?


Zurik makes himself right at home nowadays whenever my husband is at work.

He seems to be good friends with Daffodil too.


Я получил агенты , глядя мне
(trans: I’ve got agents looking out for me.)

Mr Zurik’s ears perk up when he hears my husband’s car approaching and he is on the alert. But he maximises the time, so he waits….The moment my husband comes through the door, Mr Zurik “disappears” into thin air. If you are fast enough, you might see a dark shadow scuttling out of the gate, or maybe not. But the KGB-spy is gone.

Yes, he is THAT good.

And I think he has made our culvert his current abode. This morning, I was up at 5.00am and Mr Zurik was at the culvert next to the drain. “I have no home, you see?”, he seemed to say. “Won’t you invite me in?”

This evening, we went out for dinner and it was raining. As we reversed the car out, we saw “poor” Mr Zurik standing in the rain, by the drain. He looked pitiful. But it didn’t fool my husband. The moment we drove away, Mr Zurik ran into the porch and was probably already on our sofa within seconds!

So yes, isn’t he good?

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