Cow attacks, but Bunny fights back!

I was in the kitchen washing up after the cats’ dinner when I heard the all too familiar Cow-growls. I looked out of the window and saw Bunny and Cow, and a fight was about to break out.

It happened too fast, and by the time my husband rushed out, there was fur everywhere (Bunny’s fur – cats shed fur when nervous) and he said Bunny was chasing cow. I shouted to him to use the water-hose, but unless you’ve experienced enough cat-fights (which I finally have by now), your first instinct is always to try and break up the fight. By the time my husband got the hose, Cow was already safely inside the room, so poor Bunny got sprayed. It also looked as though Bunny was the aggressor, but actually the fight was initiated by Cow. This time, Bunny decided enough is enough, and he chased Cow away.

Yay, Bunny! Stand up for your rights, boy. Don’t bite, just chase the aggressor away to protect yourself.

So Bunny was all wet when I picked him up.

There were many scratches around his neck area.

Clean with Dermacyn (which is ordinary saline now, after exceeding 30 days), spray the pet spray to disinfect and apply Povidone Iodine. I am over-doing a bit for Bunny because he is FIV+.

mini-P2260737 mini-P2260738

I see no puncture wounds so far (thank goodness!), only scratches.


Immune boosters to the rescue – Vetri-DMG and Transfer Factor. Bunny loves Transfer Factor, fortunately. The Vetri-DMG can be easily crashed with a spoon, so I mix the Vetri and TF with some AD.  I am using AD because I don’t have any other blended wetfood.

The smell of AD attracted Tabs and Cleo and they ate from the can while I was attending to Bunny.


May I have some more of this yummy food? 

mini-P2260740 mini-P2260741 mini-P2260742

Later, you say? 


It was brave of you to chase Cow away, Bunny!

Yay for Bunny!


I had to wait for Cow to settle down before checking him for injuries. None so far.


You ain’t heavy, you’re my brother…

Yes, we know all that. So, why fight???


Mr Vigilante, er…you did not break up the fight?


Hello, everyone! I’m Ginger! May I come in to play?

Ginger, Ginger, Ginger….

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  • Chen

    Never never never a dull moment when cats are around. Even when they are just looking at you – the force of their muka kesian will bowl you over.