Heidi’s eye (and more Z-stories)

Poor Heidi…

I came back from work today to find her with a watery right eye which could hardly open.

So I applied warm salt water on it and she could open the eye after that. An appointment has been made at the vet’s this evening (it’s the earliest I could get).


Meanwhile, Heidi asked to go out and went into the “sick-bay” by herself.

For the PatioCats, you only go into the sick-bay (the cage) if you are sick. Or rather, you are forced to go in if you are sick and on medication. For them, the cage is certainly not a luxury single-storey bungalow or anything of the sort.


Mr Zurik came just as Tiger was getting out.

Tiger tried to make friends by touching nose.


The Russian was wary and not interested.

Zurik: он пытается меня отравить ?


Tiger decided not to push it.

mini-P2260742 mini-P2260744

Vincent approaches and Heidi wags her tail.


Mr Zurik goes towards the Stargate.

Yes, he is definitely asking for trouble.


Ah, this is indeed Tabbies United, isn’t it?

Anyone missing?


Me!!  Me!!!  Me!!!!


Okay, Tabs. Out you go.

But Tabs is afraid of Mr Zurik.


 The Russian has a plan.

We won’t know what it is until he executes it. But as long as he doesn’t fight with anyone, it’s okay.

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