Protecting the dianthuses…who from?

We don’t know, but it’s very likely Daffodil’s the one who has been “disturbing” the dianthuses and we think it’s because she likes the flowers.

Try as I did, I did not manage to save the two plants, so I procured two replacement plants today.


These would be the two at the top left corner.

And we used these metal frames (from the cage) to protect the plants. Hopefully, it will deter Daffodil (or whoever is responsible) from destroying the plants.


Only Daffodil was seen sniffing at the plants and being near the trays. Ginger only sits under the trays in the hot afternoons.


Vincent is hardly even there. His station is the porch.


Heidi sleeps inside the house at night.

By the way, warm salt water seems to have helped her eye a lot. I did not take her to the vet.

So, it has to be Daffodil, right?


No, it’s not me. It’s Mr Zurik!

That’s entirely possible too, as the Russian is always around….everywhere. He’s been coming around a lot, and always rolls on his tummy and does his cutest ever face whenever he sees me. That cute face has even made me call him “Zuzu” nowadays. Oh well, maybe a name-change can make a difference?

Mr Zurik (from a distance): вы думаете? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

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