Cat pillow mania!!!

For all those who ordered cat pillows, we thank you and wish to inform you that all your orders are ready to be either collected or shipped out. Please contact me for shipping arrangement if you haven’t done so.

And, we are still taking in orders!

Meanwhile, whenever I pack cat pillows, I cannot (ever!) run away from refreshing our cats’ pillows. If I don’t, I won’t be able to distract them anywhere to pack the orders!!

So I refreshed two pillows for them to play with.


The go-crazy playtime is usually only a few minutes. They get on a “high” and that’s it.

Ginger wen’t crazy, Daffodil was just so-so while Heidi wasn’t interested.

But inside….


Cleo got to it first and everyone else queued up.


It’s my turn, Cleo.

The fun is in waiting for your turn. It builds suspense, you know.


Since Ginger wasn’t playing anymore, I brought the blue pillow in.

But Indy….wasn’t interested???


No, of course he is.

But Indy has an initiation ritual. Before playing, he has to perform some sort of worship by bowing to the pillow. He always does this.


You can worship all you want, Indy. Let me play first…..

mini-P3010754 mini-P3010755

Then Indy starts…

mini-P3010756 mini-P3010757

Oooh…I love my pillow!!!


Kiss da pillow!!

mini-P3010759 mini-P3010760

Oh oh, Indy’s done with the blue one and he wants to snatch the black one from Tiger now.


No, it’s mine!!

Wow…Tiger is fighting for his pillow!! Wow!!


bunny pillow

Indy went away and Bunny came to wrestle the pillow from Tiger.

A short fight broke out, but I mediated and all was well.

silvervine powder

If you need to get refills for your pillows (especially after washing), you can get the 5g powder packs from us. It’s RM7 (by donation).

Silvervine & Catnip Mania

How crazy can you get?!!!!

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