Ginger stepped in boldly where no cat dares to go and….

This morning, when I opened the grille to Bunny’s Place, Ginger stepped in boldly and nonchalantly as though it’s the most natural thing to do.

If you remember, a few days ago, he was given a free-and-easy tour of Bunny’s Place when the titans were in a “food-coma” (sleeping after lunch).

So, Ginger innocently thought he already has a ticket into Bunny’s Place anytime he likes.

But Indy was awake and sitting by the door leading to the pantry.

I quickly grabbed Ginger but Indy was already alerted.

So, I took a chance and brought Ginger upfront to Indy.

Indy started sniffing Ginger’s head to run a quick “check” on the visitor.

Are you carrying any arms? Any metal objects? What is the purpose of your visit?

Indy sniffed for what seemed a long time and I was happier by the milli-second because it sure seemed like our vigilante might just accept Ginger.

Oh, finally! Yippee-yay-yay!! Already, I was imagining a whole new world where Ginger could accompany me inside a room. Why, maybe Indy and Ginger could even play games in Bunny’s Garden and we could have a little playtime carnival with pink cotton candy, and….

As Indy continued sniffing Ginger’s head (and this was certainly a very, very thorough sniffing process), Ginger bowed his head low.

This is good, I thought. Ginger knows what to do. Pay respects to the senior-cat. Way to go, Ginger!

I was keeping an eye on both tails. None were fluffed up.

So far, so good.

Then, Indy stopped and sat like a dog.

During the entire sniffing session, I patted both cats and called their names, praising both for being good.

Then, when I thought all was well, suddenly, without any warning, in less than a milli-second, Indy lunged forward and bit Ginger on the neck!

Oh no!!  But I was holding Ginger.

Tufts of fur flew out from Ginger and he was really shocked. Cats shed when they are nervous.

Luckily, it was only a harmless warning bite (the type that I always get from Indy whenever he is jealous and smells other cats’ scents on me).


I quickly took Ginger back out.

Our little Birdy (that’s Ginger’s other name) was so frightened.

What hit me? What did I do wrong?

Well, you cannot reprimand Indy because the vigilante-cat was just protecting his territory and being cautious. He has to do his job, right?


For the rest of the morning, Indy was at the grille while Ginger was sitting right outside.


I still want to be friends….one day, hopefully?

Ginger’s lifelong dream is to join Bunny’s Place.


I don’t know what Indy is thinking, so let’s not assume things, right? It wouldn’t be fair.

Do you suppose I could try a second round, maybe in a few days’ time?
Is there hope? My pink-cotton-candy dream, you know?


Meanwhile, Bunny has healed from all his scratches without having to make a trip to the vet’s.

Yay for Bunny!

1 comment to Ginger stepped in boldly where no cat dares to go and….

  • Peggy Quah

    Cats will be cats… Sigh… They are very very jealous. We hope to bring them together but if they don’t start themselves they seldom will. It’s our wishful thinking to be one big happy family but they have their own way.