Remember the black cat bag? Here’s version 2.0!

Remember how crazy the auction went? It was one of the most memorable auctions we ever held.

Yellow Bird started the bidding at RM188, then after a few more bids, Ah Yap and PC Leong went on a most exciting rally until Ah Yap finally won it at a ridiculously incredible bid of RM1200!

Then, PC Leong contributed his bid of RM999 as well, making it a total combined donation of RM2199!!

Then, more surprises were in store of us. Ah Yap presented the bag to the first bidder, Yellow Bird!

WHO could forget that, not only the rally but all the heart and goodwill that went into this auction!!

Well, Khalifa remembers the bag and asked if we could make one for her.

Yes, but it won’t be exactly the same cloth. Khalifa says as long as it has a blue background and the cat is black, that would be fine. Khalifa loves black cats. Who doesn’t, right?

So, I dug up my stash and found the same cloth for the sky and garden. Only the window border is chequered.


Now, to pass it to my mum to make the black cat…


It’s done!


Cow likes black cats too.


Will post it tomorrow to Khalifa, with her Hello Kitty blanket!


 This was our first one.

We hope Khalifa is happy with version 2.0!

Thank you very much for your kind donation of RM150 for the bag, Khalifa!

If you’d like any of our previous bags, we can make them for you and the special thing about our bags would be that each one is unique. No two bags will be the same. Each one is special and one of its kind!

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