“Just a little black rain cloud…”

Each time Mr Zurik rolls over on his back and does his “I’m a cute little kitty” face, I cannot help but hear Winnie the Pooh’s song, “I’m just a little black rain cloud”!!

Here’s one of his classic kitty poses below. We got this basket for Vincent and poor Vincent only got to sit in it ONCE. Only once.

Then Mr Zurik took over the basket and it’s been his ever since. I think he thinks this basket is perfect for his needs because he can “sink” into it and peep out, hoping my husband does not see him…(and it has worked, a few times, too!). Is he smart or what, right?


I’m just a little poor kitty,
Won’t you take me home?

Here’s the Winnie the Pooh song, in case you are not familiar with it:

Aren’t the lyrics quite apt, too? In a manner of speaking, that is.

I don’t know why, but I always hear this song whenever Mr Zurik does his “muka kesian”, especially when he rolls over on his tummy. Hmm….neuro-linguistics programming??

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