Breaking news: Cow defends Ginger??

Ginger just had to come in again. It broke my heart seeing him sitting outside the grille, mewing and waiting, so I let him in.


Bunny was sleeping. So I put him on the other chair and let Ginger in.

Ginger was delighted and very confident (or just naive?).

mini-P3030776 mini-P3030777

Be careful of Indy…


And Cow too…he’s watching.

Suddenly, Indy rushed menacingly towards Ginger. I scooped Ginger up and put him on the bench.

Then, the totally unexpected happened.

You won’t believe this, folks.

Cow lunged forward from the back door and stopped Indy from advancing!!


STOP, Indy!!

(Look at Cow’s body language, folks!)


And cow stood in between Indy and Ginger!!

He’s our friend, Indy. Don’t attack him.


I couldn’t believe my eyes!


Neither could Indy, I think!


 Wahh!! It’s not fair!!

I quickly took Ginger out before anything else happened.

Bunny slept through it all!

Poll: Do you think one fine day, Ginger will be able to join Bunny’s Place?


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