Nooo…that’s Heidi, that’s not me!!

This morning, I was at the park with Heidi and Zurik. I think Zurik was still trying to get the attention of the jogger who comes to the basketball.

Soon, the jogger came and what do you know, he scooped up Heidi (yes, Heidi!), patted her and carried her all the way to the basketball court!!

I almost laughed out loud seeing the look on Zurik’s face as he watched the jogger scoop up the “wrong cat”. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me.

Zurik just sat there and looked on in disbelief, and I could almost hear him say, “Noo…..that’s Heidi, that’s not me, I’m here!! Look here….here!! I’m the cute one, not her!!”

But Heidi was busy rubbing herself on the jogger’s legs while he seemed really happy to have Heidi accompany him at the basketball court!

I rushed home to get my camera. Maybe I could still get a few candid shots.


Mr Zurik followed me.

I think he wanted to ensure that I document this unfortunate case of mistaken identity and how he had been deprived of his rightful opportunity at stealing the heart of the jogger.


There’s Heidi with the jogger.

Hmm…is Heidi sneering at Mr Zurik?


No, no, no!!! 


Neh neh neh neh neh…

Soon, the jogger went home and Zurik had lost his chance.


Aww…never mind, Mr Zurik. There’s still tomorrow for you to try something else and I’m almost sure you will!

2 comments to Nooo…that’s Heidi, that’s not me!!

  • jasmine ong

    ROFL! Better luck next time ya, Mr Zurik… and the last photo of you is too cute!! Awwww ♡

  • jasmine ong

    Mr Zurik, your manja antics are SO adorable 🙂 When Mr Jogger comes around to the basketball court the next time, you must do what you did in the last photo, in front of him la… this definitely will steal his heart 😀