Spot Heidi!!

Can you find Heidi in these photos?

It’s not a trick question, she’s in every photo!

mini-P3060783 mini-P3060784 mini-P3060785 mini-P3060791

This one’s a bit tricky!

mini-P3060792 mini-P3060790 mini-P3060786

Show’s over, folks! Here she comes now…


Hi Heidi!!

2 comments to Spot Heidi!!

  • jasmine ong

    Dame Heidi blended so well with the tree stump in pic. 4 & 5. Had to search her out, and her tail is so cute in the last pic. 😀

  • ying fong

    I love yr pictures, they puts a wide wide smile on face hehe
    …..heidi is sooo adorable.