Monge Cat kibbles (pre-GST prices!)

Just a gentle reminder that we have included Monge Cat kibbles as part of our Gifts by Donation.

mini-monge cat kibbles

1.5 kg pack (RM35 by donation)
4 flavours: Adult, Indoor, Hairball, Kitten

My 13 cats voted for Indoor and Hairball – they love it!

mini-monge kibbles breedersBreeders’ pack (only Adult flavour)
15kg pack (RM230)

Please be informed that Monge Cat kibbles is not grain-free.

The plus point is, all Monge products are not tested on animals!
cruelty free

Due to delivery logistics, we can only handle orders of RM500 and above for Avant petfood products.

Want to do a final purchase before GST sets in on 1st April?

To order:

Thank you!


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