Cat family for adoption (Nazlin Mat Zin’s)

Please contact Nazlin directly if you are able to help.

Location: Klang Valley

From: Nazlin Mat Zin <>
Date: Sun, Mar 8, 2015 at 10:01 PM
Subject: Mother cat and 4 kittens for adoption
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Hi Dr. Chan,

I would like to seek your favor to advertise this post on your website.
I found this family (mother cat is a stray cat) about 1 month ago nearby my house area.

Due to many constraints ( I already have 8 cats; two of them are sick and on medication), unfortunately I’m not able to look after them.
So I am desperately looking for an adopter whom willing to give this family a forever home.

I’m very worried about their safety since mommy cat always move her kittens around.
I can be contacted at 0133983361 (whatsapp/sms only). Attached are the pictures of mommy cat (very manja) and kittens.

Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,

PhotoGrid_1425823084909 PhotoGrid_1425823162960


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