Spaying subsidy for Lucky, rescued dog (Chen Heng Leng’s)

We have subsidised RM150 for the spaying of Lucky.

From: Chen Heng Leng
Date: Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 11:33 AM
Subject: Female dog Lucky.
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,

This is the 2 batch Lucky gave birth to. As soon as she gave birth, I question the owner how is he going to handle the pups and he replied already had takers.
Then after one week, no sign of owner but saw another guy coming out from the house and I asked where is the owner and he replied, shifted. He in turn ask me if I’m interested in adopting the puppies. I said ‘no’ and told him the owner’s story, ie already had takers.  He replied ‘none’ and I feel the answer very disturbing.
Another week passed and I take a good look at the beautiful and cute puppies and decided to adopt the white one and meantime communicating to have the rest adopted. He relate to me that his neighbor is not happy with the dogs esp the puppies as it wonders into their compound.
Needless to say,he dont feed the dogs and it is me who is feeding them. I told him that I’m arranging for adopters and informed him to give me a week time.
When I came back one day to feed the dogs, only Lucky was there and nowhere are the puppies to be seen. I felt strange and waited till I saw the guy and question him. He told me the puppies taken by friends.
I became suspicious and asked who your friends are. Further questioning reveal that he actually release the puppies to a nearby football field.
Without delay, I told him to take me to that place because I need to take all 4 pups home. It was already 8++pm. Managed to find two and the other two gone, 1male,1 female which is cuttest of all.The two female pups only emerged after some loud whistling and persuasion before I hear sound of pups barking and then stopped. My heart ached seeing one of them injured but still running towards me.I sent both of them to shelter.
Lucky is currently living in an semi-abandoned house and waited for me to feed her daily. I plan to spayed her for her future just in case this guy also leave but had no experience in handling adult dogs.
Btw, am I eligible to apply for subsidy for ‘Lucky’ to lessen my burden?
Note: I summarised and fast forward ‘ Lucky’ story.
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