Our new products for fund-raising!

As you well know, my mum and I sew things to raise funds for AnimalCare. Sewing and handicraft are my mum’s passion and expertise. For me, it’s a hobby I just picked up….because of AnimalCare!

Since our blankets and shopping bags have been around “long enough” now, it’s time for a change, so take a look at what we’ve made from the cloth scraps and canvas!


Patchwork aprons with an animal theme!

The apron is the brainchild of Ms Ho YF, the Sunday School teacher and loyal supporter of AnimalCare. Every year, YF will order something from us for all her Sunday School students. Tshirts, pencil bags, shopping bags, etc. This year, we are “out” of new products, so YF suggested aprons which the children can use during their kitchen duties at the temple and share it with their mums (or dads!) at home!

It’s my mum’s sewing, so you can be 100% sure it will last you at least 2 generations!

If you’d like an apron too (maybe as a meaningful Mother’s Day gift), please write to us. We will make it for you. It is by donation.


This is our sling bag.

It’s smaller than the shopping bag. So it’s ideal as an outing bag too. It’s made from canvas. Super long-lasting, as always.


There’s a zipped pocket at the back.

mini-P3150808And another zip for the whole bag to keep your items secure.

If you’d like a sling bag as a gift, please do consider getting one of ours.

100% of your donation will go to our Fund for the animals. Materials and workmanship are contributed by my mum, our cats and the readers who have donated cloth to us.

Both the apron and the sling bag above are for “sale” by donation.
Apron: RM50 onwards (donation)
Sling bag (with two zips): RM70 onwards (donation)

Our blankets are still available too.

Whenever you think of purchasing gifts, please do think of us? We’re not GST-rated!

Thank you very much for your kind support!



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