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I just spent the last four fours compiling photos for today’s applications. Some applicants send me separate photos, not collages. So I have to spend time compiling their photos into collages before writing the reports for each application, and when you have eight applications to process in a day, plus pay subsidies for, you can imagine the amount of time spent on doing this.

So now we are asking, if you could please help by compiling your separate photos into a photo collage when you apply for our subsidies the next time. It’s easy for you to identify which cat/dog is which, but it’s not so easy for me, especially if the markings and colours are similar. I also won’t know which is Tom, Jerry and Elmo unless you tell me that the tabby with a crooked tail is Tom, the tabby with a small patch on the right leg is Jerry and the tabby with neither is Elmo. It takes time to process all that because your photo might not have been taken at an angle to facilitate my ability in identifying Tom, Jerry and Elmo. The same goes for Mocha, Latte and TehHalia if they are all brown street dogs from the same litter.

There was once a lady who got so angry with me because I could not see the different markings on her FIVE tortoisehell cats. “How can you not see the difference??”, she bellowed. I am sorry, but I just couldn’t. And she refused to resend the photos. Plus, she was so angry, she stopped applying to us after that. Oh well…can’t please everyone, can I?

Here’s how you can use a simple tool like to compile your photos and label them with the names of your animals.

And before you say it’s too difficult, please be informed that even my 82-year old mum (who did not have the benefit of any computer literacy for the first 60 years of her life) has learnt how to use it…with the same set of instructions below.

Go to


Click on the COLLAGE icon.

You will then be directed to select the folder where your photos are. Choose the photos you want to compile.


Hold down CTRL on your keyboard and click on the photos you want to compile. Then, click OPEN.


Your photos will appear as above.

Click this second icon to choose the type of collage you like – for 2 pics, 3 pics, 4 pics, etc.


Click on each of the rectangles to choose the design of the collage.


Click on the photo icon, the photos you have chosen earlier will now appear.


Now, drag each photo into the collage, one by one, wherever you want to place them.


You may click EDIT to put text, if you like. If not, just SAVE it.


Save it to a folder on your computer. Please save it as a jpeg file under the name of the animal.

Voila, done!

If you’d really like to help me so that I don’t suffer a relapse and have to close AnimalCare (again), please learn to use to compile your photos into one. And please, please, please label the file using the name of your animals or use Dog1, Dog2, Cat1, Cat2, if they have no name.

If you are using your phone, please download moldiv or any other app.

Thank you and have a nice day!

P.S.  So Chen Chen says it’s not an age thing. Duly noted, but we’d appreciate if you’d at least try. And if it’s still too difficult, I will still compile for you. Fair enough? Once you get the hang of it, trust me, it’s really fun! And you benefit – you’d have learnt something new!

3 comments to How to use to compile photos

  • Chen

    Wow! The stuff you learn on this site. Includes simple image editing.

    By the way, Mrs. Chan is not a normal 80+ woman. She can do things that many men and women cannot do in their prime. I know people in their 30s who cannot sew a button, or finish reading/writing a sentence.

    • chankahyein

      Duly noted, like I cannot cook even if you pointed a gun to my head, but still…out of necessity, I struggled and I learnt. If one really cannot follow the instructions above, okay, I will compile the photos for you. But if one CAN follow the instructions above, please do it…for me? Thank you!

  • jasmine ong

    Dear Chen Chen,

    Everything you wrote about Aunty Chan is SO true (she is an amazing woman and so is her daughter) and I just laughed out loud at the last part of your last sentence! How very true too! 😀 (applicable to some lazy AC applicants)

    Thank you!