Is being one-eyed fashionable?

Hmm…I am not sure what is going on, but so far, three cats have done it.

Tiger was the first to close one eye a few days ago and it gave me a fright. But there was nothing wrong with his eye at all.

Then, Bunny was next.

And last night, the funniest thing happened. Ginger was sitting outside the grille as usual, asking to be let in. I was busy doing work, so I kind of ignored him.

Then, it happened, he mewed and closed one eye.

Oh my gosh, what’s wrong with your eye, Ginger???

I quickly went out to check and he then opened the eye….


Ginger: Mission accomplished, I got mum’s attention!
Bunny: Why are you using our trick? Get one of your own, you Bird!


Well, that’s how you get attention around here. If it works for Cow, it should work for us.


 I don’t need to do the one-eyed thingie.

I just need to look innocent. 

See…it works, doesn’t it? You’d do anything for me, won’t you?

It works like a chime on the boss of the house. Like a chime, folks!

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