Allow me this privilege sometimes, please….

It’s not the first time I’m writing this, and yet, applicants keep doing it. I’ll bet it won’t be the last time.

The following is directed to specific applicants and also to gently remind all applicants to please cooperate with us.

1. We will not be able to process applications if the name on the receipt is different from the name of the bank account holder. So, if you MUST use your nickname, for eg, Alex, but your real name is Wong Ah Chong, then at least your receipt must bear the name Alex Wong Ah Chong and not just Alex because there are probably thousands of Alexes in Malaysia. Surely that’s not so hard to understand. It’s not that we don’t want to give you the subsidy, but if you are requesting a subsidy, please extend the courtesy of following our procedures. Our transactions are all audited and we have to go by the book.  So, to those “yang makan cili”: Please don’t turn around and say we did not pay you. In the first place, you did not play by the rules. There is a reason why I send every applicant the rules – it’s for you to read, so please…read.**

2. If you use ordinary mail, could you please ensure you put sufficient stamps on it? There have been too many cases where insufficient stamps are used resulting in my friend (whose shop address I “borrowed” so that your mails can be sent there, in case some applicants use Poslaju) having to pay the tax imposed by Pos Malaysia. So, we write to the applicant to inform her that she had used insufficient stamps, there is no apology and no offer to pay us back for the tax. To those “yang makan cili”: I think that is a bit too much. Here you are, getting our subsidy and you don’t even offer to pay us back for the tax we paid because you put insufficient stamps on the envelope? Goodness gracious…really?

A little courtesy, please?

3. And please do not tamper with the receipts: It is a crime.

4. To those “yang makan cili”: We don’t have a 24-hour service in paying the subsidies. Please do not keep emailing just because you have posted the receipt (by ordinary mail) and have not received our subsidy yet. Please give time for the post office to sort out the letters, for the postman to deliver your letter (hopefully with sufficient stamps), for us to pick up the letter and for me to process the application, compile your photos using, write the report, do the online transaction, etc. Then, once you have received the subsidy, may we request you to extend the courtesy of acknowledging receipt with a simple reply?

5. If you choose to use ordinary mail and if the mail did not reach us or reaches us late, please don’t keep insisting that have posted it or have posted it early. To those “yang makan cili”, you can cry until the cows come home that you have posted it or you have posted it “early enough”, similarly we will also cry until the cows come home that we have not received it or that you actually posted it pretty late because the envelope has a postmark on it and yes, I do have a magnifying glass to check. So, unless you use Pos Ekspres (RM3.50) or Poslaju (RM6) where you and we are able to track at, even the cows cannot help us no matter how much both parties cry. Sorry…I did say I’m venting today. And in any case, we have helped so many animals and so many rescuers (most of whom are total strangers), is there any reason we don’t want to help you if you followed our procedures? Doesn’t make sense, does it?

6. Today, I had to write 3 emails back and forth to ask an applicant to please POST the form and receipt. He keeps emailing back to say he has already emailed the scanned copies. I have written the instructions: “Please go to the post office, put stamps and post it, or use Pos Ekspres or Poslaju” in English and Bahasa Malaysia and now, I am getting a friend to translate this into Chinese, because I am not sure if he has understood it yet. This applicant writes excellent English, by the way. So tell me please, aren’t we doing all we humanly can to help you already?

There was another case a few weeks back where the applicant asked if she could just email the scanned copies of the receipt and form as it’s “too expensive” to post. I said no.

Would anyone be interested to take over my job…for a day?

** The following is copied and pasted to every single applicant in my initial reply to them, together with the form and sample photos.  I honestly don’t know how to make it any easier to understand. No need to click anywhere, just….read. Please?

Our funds are from donations from friends. Please apply only if you really need it.
Dana kami adalah daripada sumbangan rakan-rakan. Sila pohon hanya jika anda memerlukan bantuan ini.
Neutering claim:
Please read this first:
Max subsidy: Dog (RM150), Cat (RM100). If vet’s rate is lower, we pay the lower one.
1. Email pre- and post-op photos of the animal. The photos must show the face, body and surgical scar and a photo to show that the animal is awake after the procedure.  Please see attached sample.  Email a short write-up about the animal (where rescued, what you intend to do with him/her after neutering – rehome, release, adopt, etc.)
2. Post the form (attached) and original receipt to reach us no later than 2 weeks from the date on the receipt. Please ensure the receipt is issued in your full name (as per your bank account).
3. Tampered receipts and incomplete forms will not be accepted.  
Below is highlighted in yellow:
By email:
A. Short write-up about animal.
B. Photo before operation showing face and body of animal.
C. Photos after operation showing the surgical scar, face and body of animal in awakened state.
By post:
E. Form
F. Original receipt issued in your full name (as per bank account)
Deadline to reach us: 2 weeks from date on receipt. 
Should you have further queries, please do write again.
Thank you.

Yups, I’m venting today.




Thank you to all applicants who follow the procedures!


To those who cooperate and are courteous: You’re the best and we love you! *Muacks*!

7 comments to Venting….

  • Connie

    To those who wish to apply AC subsidy,

    Before you submit your subsidy claim, best is to first read & understand the contents under the headline “SUBSIDY”. After that, please abide accordingly. If you can’t or from whatsoever reason you are unable to do so, please refrain from submitting your subsidy claim as chances of it getting approve is zero.

    Hey Dr Chan, have a good day ya!

  • Nancy

    Sigh, Dr Chan, it is always heartbreaking to read what you have to endure day in and day out.

    It is difficult to understand why people cannot understand simple instructions and give you so much headache as a result.

    If I were you, I would have thrown these applications into the dustbin for not abiding to AnimalCare’s rules & regulations. I would not have given these people a 2nd chance.

    Take good care of yourself Dr Chan. Remember you have just recovered from an illness and all these stress will not do any good to you.

  • Syee

    Dr Chan, I totally agree with Nancy!! Dispose of them in yr recycle bin…..don’t hyperventilate! Not worth it. Take care

  • charlotte

    Hi Dr Chan,

    I have been a silent reader of your blog for quite a while. Having read your post, I fully understand how you feel.

    If I may piggy-back on Nancy’s comments, I have this experience to share.

    Many years ago, I submitted an application for an IPO of a certain listed company in Malaysia. I read the rules and regulations and I mailed my application together with the bank cheque, etc.

    A few weeks later, I received a reply saying that my application was selected but rejected!! The reason? I had forgotten to write my name and ICNo at the back of the bank cheque. While I was disappointed, I understood that the company had to follow the rules and regulations.

    Similarly in AnimalCare’s situation, you and your committee can save yourself lots of headache by rejecting applications that do not conform to R&R. Like Nancy said, throw them into the dustbin. Reject their applications and they will learn.

    You are doing a great job Dr Chan. But do take care of your health. It isn’t worth the while falling ill because of these people who do not bother to follow R&R.


  • jasmine ong

    I totally agree with Nancy! Sis, please throw their applications in the dustbin where they belong. It is really not worth getting upset over lazy, self-centred people who are quick to take funds but not willing to even abide by simple rules and regulation. I do not understand why some people can be so lazy to just read. AC rules and regulations are written in simple, clear English whereby my 12 year old friends’ children can understand perfectly.

    Please dear applicants, Dr Chan has just recovered from a serious illness. PLEASE be considerate and don’t be lazy. Dr Chan is one of the kindest lady who has been accomodating you more than she should. If you can’t abide by simple regulations, please find your own funds elsewhere. Nobody owes you anything. Siapa yang makan cili padi dia yang rasa pedasnya.

    Sis, please take good care of your health. *HUGS*

  • Akmar

    Dear Dr. Chan,

    Allow me to rant in northern Malay dialect for this..

    Biaq pi kat depa yang tak mau ikut syarat yang dah diberi tu. Nampak tak cukup syarat ja, lempaq buang dalam tong (like Nancy had mentioned) dan toksah ambik peduli. Ada masa Dr. Chan, kita kena keras hati sikit..lebih2 lagi kepada orang2 yang tak mau nak faham2 (maksudnya yang selalu minta claim tapi tak mau ikut syarat).

    Anyways, kudos for your work Dr. Chan. We, your readers, and animal-lovers alike stand by you.. ~hugs~

    • chankahyein

      Ooh…I just learnt a few new words in northern Malay dialect! Ha ha…thank you very much, Akmar! *HUGS*!!