Monge Fruit for dogs!

Here’s an exciting new range from Monge and Avant Pet.

It’s Monge Fruit for dogs!!

Monge Fruit for dogs

Already available!!

In 6 exciting flavours: Chicken n Raspberry; Turkey n Blueberry; Lamb n Apple; Salmon n Pear; Pork n Pineapple; Duck n Orange

RM120 per box of 32 cans (by donation).

To order:

The minimum donation of RM500 applies for home delivery. Please choose other Avant Pet products to make up the amount. Thank you!

2 comments to Monge Fruit for dogs!

  • Rebecca Daniels

    What do yo mean by donation. The items bought must be donated?

    • chankahyein

      It means if you donate RM120 to our Fund, you may request for a box of Monge Fruit for dogs. But for Monge products, we only deliver if it’s at least RM500. So you may wish to choose other products from the same company: