Naoto Matsumura, the last man in Fukushima…to look after the animals

Fenton shared this very touching story:

An excerpt:

Naoto Matsumura is the man who stayed behind.

Known as “the last man from Fukushima“, 55-year-old Matsumura is the only person still living in the exclusion zone around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, which suffered a meltdown after the major earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011.

Yet Matsumura, nicknamed Macchan, is not alone. He has remained in his home in the coastal town of Tomioka, around seven miles from Fukushima’s stricken nuclear reactors, in order to look after the area’s animals.

Macchan takes care of scores of pets and livestock left behind when their owners fled, including cats, dogs, ducks, pigs, cows, a pony and even ostriches.

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So, while decontamination efforts continue with no end date in sight, Matsumura will remain the last man in Fukushima, surrounded by the animals who rely on him – and on whom he, too, has come to depend.

Animals have comforted me and allowed for my survival,” he says.


4 comments to Naoto Matsumura, the last man in Fukushima…to look after the animals

  • Akmar


    My heart goes out to this man. He is willing to sacrifice for the sake of the abandoned animals’ wellbeing despite the radiation threat. And seeing the pics of kittens and puppies flutters my heart… such a beauty in calamity.

  • Darvin MacDonald

    I would like to know how to send him a donation to help with caring for the animals.
    Thank you,
    Darvin MacDonald

    • chankahyein

      Dear Darvin, I’m afraid we don’t know how to donate to Mr Matsumura, but thanks so much for your kind intentions. You could try googling his name and see if the Net provides any credible links.

  • Christine Desadeleer

    My coworkers and I at Plumfund wanted to donate and noticed that there was no way to send funds to this wonderful cause except by wiring money to Japan. So, we set up a Plumfund campaign called: Guardian of Fukushima Mr. Matsumura. Here you can donate to this wonderful man and his animals!!! Plumfund is also donating all profits from this campaign to Mr. Matsumura. We are inspired by his amazing spirit and want to do all we can to help!